informe general II. el nuevo rapto de europa

[general report II. the new abduction of europe]

pere portabella | spain, 2015 | 126'

available to stream on
wednesday 24.6.2020
between 2pm-10pm CEST

the second part of one of [portabella's] historic works, the general report on certain matters of interest for a public screening, which peeked out in 1976 at the start of the political transition process after franco's death. this second report is made in the context of a severe systemic crisis in the cultural, economic-financial, political and energy fields. above all, it nevertheless bears witness to the way civil society is coming out of this crisis with a new prominence, consisting quite simply in ordinary people's recovering politics. (films 59)

director pere portabella | cinematography elisabeth prandi | editing oskar gomez | sound albert manera | production pere portabella / films 59 | distribution / copy source films 59