veikko aaltonen | finland, 2001 | 90'

available to stream on
sunday 28.6.2020
between 2pm-10pm CEST

earth is a documentary about the social displacement and modernisation that took place in rural finland between 1996 and 2000. alongside the significant structural and economical changes which occurred during that time, the film focuses on the vanishing way of life for farmers and the traditional family. the film focuses on three main themes, but they all involve work, love of the land and the influence it has on the outlook on life, farming and the way of life that goes with it. the film has five main characters in three different locations. each location explores a startling form of rural culture: eastern 'byzantine', western 'independent' and the 'enterprising' central finland. all the fates of the characters and their families are distinct yet each story is typical of an era. (arsenal berlin)

note: this is the international distribution cut of the originally 140-minute film.

director veikko aaltonen | cinematography pekka uotila | editing veikko aaltonen, heikki t. partanen | sound risto iissalo, heikki t. partanen | music mauri sumén | production alppiharjun elokuva oy / heikki t. partanen, la sept arte | distribution alppiharjun elokuva oy | copy source finnish national audiovisual institute (kavi)