nicht ohne risiko

[nothing ventured]

harun farocki | germany, 2004 | 52'

available to stream on
saturday 27.6.2020
between 2pm-10pm CEST

how do two groups relate to each other when "ideas and capital come together", as the pr motto of the venture capital industry would have it? is there complete disclosure between the two sides? do they come to an understanding? is there mutual trust despite the selfish motives of greatest possible profit? what language do the engineer, the lawyer and the financial wizard speak with each other? nothing ventured is like peering through a microscope at a single cell in the modern global economy. it's an ethnographic treatise on the quotidian side of doing business. (volker pantenburg)

director harun farocki | script harun farocki & matthias rajmann | cinematography ingo kratisch | editing max reimann | sound matthias rajmann | production harun farocki filmproduktion & wdr | distribution / copy source goethe-institut / harun farocki filmproduktion