short film screening #1: crashed (82')

available to stream on
wednesday 24.6.2020
between 2pm-10pm CEST

strike anywhere | benj gerdes & jennifer hayashida | united states, 2009 | 32'

a video essay about the "match king", swedish industrialist, financier, and pacifist ivar kreuger (1880-1932). both a prehistory of neoliberalism, and an allegory about socio-economic relations and desire in the wake of global capitalist expansion and excess. (jennifer hayashida)

concept & realization benj gerdes & jennifer hayashida | distribution / copy source video data bank

ghl | lotte schreiber | austria, 2012 | 16'

an abstract visual essay on the crisis of capitalism. a man dressed in a business suit wanders through what appears to be a deserted park with late-modernist buildings, trying incessantly to reach someone on the phone. the voice-over conversation gradually proves to be a miscellaneous jumble of quotes from rousseau, marx or baudrillard. lost between rigid geometrical architectural structures, the man seems to be the last inhabitant of a dystopian world. occasionally fractured by video inserts from a livelier past, the film eerily points to the contemporary global economic crisis. (bucharest international experimental film festival)

direction, script, editing lotte schreiber | cinematography johannes hammel | music stefan németh | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm

in free fall | hito steyerl | germany, 2010 | 34'

a trio of works which tell the story of the current global economic crisis through the example of an aeroplane junkyard in the californian desert. the aeroplane junkyard reveals the anatomy of all sorts of crashes: both fictional and real. this is an investigation of planes as they are parked during the economic downturn, stored and recycled, revealing unexpected connections between economy, violence and spectacle. (production notes)

direction & script hito steyerl | cinematography christoph manz & kevan jenson | editing & sound cristóvão dos reis | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm