short film screening #2: currency (55')

available to stream on
friday 26.6.2020
between 2pm-10pm CEST

featured guests: david panos & matthew c. wilson
friday 26.6. from 6pm CEST onwards
- a link to the discussion will be published here

an exchange for fire | anja kirschner & david panos | united kingdom, 2013 | 13'

shots from greece and texts by clinical wasteman redefine the vocabulary of the financial crisis after 2007, by reference to moments from the history of money, the creation of the modern fiscal state and contemporary life under austerity. (anja kirschner)

direction anja kirschner & david panos | cinematography katerina maragoudaki & david panos production theo prodromidis | distribution / copy source anja kirschner

model workers | william e. jones | united states, 2014 | 13'

model workers presents a collection of paper money bearing images of workers. intricately engraved details are arranged in chronological order; full views of the banknotes are in reverse chronological order, ending at the beginning: mexico, 1914. the montage includes colonies and the independent countries they became, as well as former and present socialist states. workers from africa, the americas, asia, and europe are represented. (william e. jones)

concept & realization william e. jones | distribution / copy source david kordansky gallery

herna | josef dabernig | austria, 2010 | 17'

herna is a filmic miniature about the passion of gambling, edited together with a soundtrack consisting of a radio play by bruno pellandini which provides a rich counterpoint. a dramatic, acoustic kaleidoscope of four voices unfolds as the gambler loses himself in space and time and his wife and child are stuck in a car. the theme under discussion is about life and death, possession and loss. (josef dabernig)

direction, script, editing josef dabernig | cinematography christian giesser | sound design michael palm | producer josef dabernig | distribution / copy source sixpackfilm

within the temple without | matthew c. wilson | netherlands, 2019 | 10'

this journey into the economic unconscious takes the structure of a series of memories and dreamlike reflections: from the origin of banking in temples to modern ubiquitous networked finance, the temple is sublimated and the psyche projects itself into the abstract domain of value. (iffr)

direction & script matthew c. wilson | cinematography matthew c. wilson & fiona james | sound francesco cimino & matthew c. wilson | producers video power / tim rutten & daan milius | distribution eye experimental & video power | copy source matthew c. wilson